ICS Mini Clubs – Acrylic Art Course!

We are excited to bring an opportunity for members to explore their interest as budding artists. This is a strictly limited opportunity for up to seven members to sign up. A minimum of 4 people are required for this MINI CLUB.

The Acrylic Art Mini Club will be run by a fantastically skilled local artist, Renate van Nijen, fluent in English, German, Spanish and Dutch (her native language). The class is suitable for complete beginners and experienced painters. 

It’s a four week mini club course during which people can expect to finish at least one painting. Working with acrylics as they dry quickly so that people can take their work of art home when finished on the same day.

Renate charges per person. There are two options:

1. People bring their own materials (€60 for a four week class) or

2. Renate provides the materials.  (€80 for a four week class)

Classes are three hours per session. The price includes a coffee/tea and a treat and Renate also provides easels, water jars and a plate that can be used as a palette. 

It is necessary to pay in advance for the 4-week class, on the first day of the class.  The exact time of the class can be arranged once we have at least four members who would like to take up this exciting opportunity. Either mornings from 9.30—12.30 or from 10.00 to 13.00 or afternoons from 15.00 to 18.00 on either Mondays or Thursdays.

This is a fantastic opportunity to discover your own hidden artist! If you would like to find out more or sign up for the four week Acrylic Art Mini Club Course then drop us an email to icsalobrena2016@gmail.com or see us at Hotel Salobrena Suites on Wednesday. But don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity!

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