ICS Membership Renewal 2020

We would like to let you know how membership renewal will be handled this year.

This year we are able to make use of some of the processes that have been introduced during 2019 to help make our membership renewal as simple and convenient for all of our members as possible and also ensure the accuracy of our records. Click here to see how the ICS handles your data.

Immediately following the AGM on Wednesday, 15 January every member will receive an invitation to renew their membership by email.

In the email, each member will receive a summary of their contact details held by the International Club and will be invited to check that these are correct before renewing their membership. This will ensure that the data we hold is accurate and up to date in accordance with our General Data Protection Regulations policy described in our website.

Having checked the information is correct, members will be able to proceed to either update their records (if required), and/or, simply renew their membership, paying online with our secure online payments system. This is the quickest and simplest way to confirm the accuracy of our records and make payment, avoiding queues in person. However, we appreciate some members may wish to renew in person at the hotel. There will be opportunity to do so, at any meeting after the AGM. A copy of your contact information will be printed off for you to confirm at that time.

The reason for waiting until the close of the AGM is to ensure that everything is in order to proceed into 2020, confirming our annual subscription and new committee.

Where we hold one email address for more than one member (e.g. spouses or partners), there will be two emails received with personalised details for each. It is of course fine to continue to use one email address in the coming year, however, each member checks their data and renews membership individually.

Our first social meeting at Hotel Salobreña Suites is next Wednesday, 8 January at 11:00am when we will be hosting our regular favourite Book Swap and Free Name Badge Draw.

Don’t forget our AGM is on the following Wednesday, 15 January and you can let us know if you are coming along by clicking here and completing our short booking form for catering purposes.

If you have any queries regarding your annual renewal, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email to icsalobrena2016@gmail.com, or, in person at Hotel Salobreña Suites on 8 January or any subsequent meetings.

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