IMPORTANT! Corona Virus Impact on ICS Activities and Meetings

Firstly, I’m conscious of the length of this communication. I’m afraid it reflects the very complex nature of the problem faced and the impact on our activities.

I invited comments and viewpoints from our members and undertook to take these into account when we held an extraordinary committee meeting this afternoon (Thursday 12 March) to discuss the approach of the ICS. We recognise our members are concerned, given the local cases and growing concerns within our communities about the associated health issues of the virus and its spread.

I’m sure you will appreciate that the committee are by no means any authority on such issues but we have a very real duty of care to represent the club and our members. We certainly wish to do everything possible to ensure the well being and good health of our members. We also feel it is important to act responsibly and to respond to any local initiatives to reduce the impact of the virus in the local area.

In meeting we have considered the following issues:

  • Don Giovanni trip to Granada on Wednesday 18 March
  • Benalmadena trip on Wednesday 15 April
  • All other club trips and organised activities in the immediate future.
  • Mini clubs
  • Membership Renewals or Applications in person

Don Giovanni Trip

This particular trip has to be treated differently as it has been arranged for some time and our suppliers have already received the money for the coach and for the tickets for the performance. At this present time the Palacio De Congresos has not cancelled the performance, although they reserve the right to do so until the time of the performance itself. They have informed us that if they do in fact cancel the performance they will refund the ticket price paid. We will of course in turn refund this to anyone who has purchased their tickets through the ICS.

I have not yet had opportunity to speak with Jostur Viajes, the coach operator to see what the position is regarding the coach. Naturally we will endeavour to secure any refund possible if the event is cancelled, but that element will have to be dealt with separately.

If the performance is not cancelled by the Palacio we intend to proceed with this trip. we do of course appreciate that there may well be individual members who have booked and paid to go who may now wish to reconsider and cancel. We do of course empathise with their concerns but if cancelled we cannot guarantee any refund unless it is received from the Palacio on their cancellation of the performance.

I will keep everyone concerned up to date with any news regarding this trip as soon as it is available.

Benalmadena Trip 15 April

This is a trip for which we are currently receiving bookings and payments. We have not yet however made any payments to our suppliers and it seems prudent to cancel this trip at the present time. We will make every effort to offer it again later in the year when considered appropriate to do so. Anyone who has already made payment will receive a full refund. For the majority of members that will be by means of automatic refund via our secure online payments system and everyone concerned will receive an email with full details in due course. Any member having paid cash will be contacted separately regarding their refund.

Future Trips and Activities in the immediate Future

We have already received cancellations and concerns about planned activities and it is appropriate to consider the way forward for now. The committee has agreed that it is appropriate to suspend our planned trips and activities in the short term. This includes trips, activities, quizzes, book swaps and Name Badge Draws. We do of course recognise that many members will wish to continue with their routine activities and meetings with friends. Our social interactions are so important. However, other members have expressed concerns over potential associated risks which accompany the virus.

Members will make their own decision when, where and how to meet. Committee will keep up to date with information regarding the virus locally and I will keep you informed with any changes as and when possible.

Mini Clubs

We currently have three mini clubs – Mah Jong, Book Group and Ukulele Group. I am also conscious that many of our members regularly attend the walks with Robert and Helen.

Each of these have their own organisation and meet independently of normal ICS meetings. I will be encouraging each group to consider their own meetings in light of the virus issue and members of each group will be engaged separately depending on the outcome of their own meetings.

Membership Renewals or Application in Person

With the suspension of formal regular club social meetings on Wednesdays we strongly recommend members who wish to renew their membership or apply for their membership to do so online using the following link:

The committee will not necessarily attend the Hotel Salobreña Suites on Wednesdays as is usually the case, while the suspension is current.

Finally, I would like to remind you that we are always interested in the views and opinions of our members so do please feel free to let us know what you think and express any suggestions or feedback.

These measures are effective immediately, temporary and proposed for the minimum period necessary. We will regularly review whether they are still required or should be amended in any way and I will keep you updated. We also rely on and urge members individually to act appropriately with any health concerns they may have during this time.

Mark Clifton, Chair, ICS 2020

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