ICS 2020 Into 2021

“What a year!”…We started the year with such hope, ambition and anticipation of many happy times within our club, but no sooner had we published our exciting calendar of events than the headlines were dominated by the coronavirus sweeping the world and putting all our best plans to the background as we all tried to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

With the year drawing to a close the situation is still pretty much, at it’s peak. The Hotel Salobreña Suites has closed it’s door’s for apparently the first time in decades. The practicalities of trying to organise one of the most popular events in our calendar, our Winter Lunch, means that it’s neither easy to find a suitable location which could enable the social distancing required, nor would it appear advisable to encourage our members to congregate in large numbers and at close quarters!

Another preoccupation within the committee and our membership at this time of year is the single most important event in our calendar – our Annual General Meeting (AGM). Most of you are aware that around now we normally look at the planning for our new committee and review of the year. We had scheduled a date in our calendar in January for our members and committee to get together for the AGM. Given the situation with the Hotel Salobreña and the current restrictions which face all of us, wherever we are in the world, we are suggesting an alternative to our usual process.

Our suggestion is that we defer the AGM until such time as we can hold it in it’s usual format, in person, at the Hotel Salobreña Suites, whenever we are advised it is possible and safe to do so within local restrictions here in Granada province, Andalucia.

We also suggest that we defer the promotion, nomination and election of committee members until the next AGM. Our current committee will continue as it currently is until the next election of officers can happen.

Finally, looking to the future, in 2021 we always discuss the year ahead, in particular, our membership fee and write to members about the renewal of membership. We suggest that we put this activity on hold until such time as we can hold the AGM in person as described above. Basically extending club memberships until the next AGM, whenever that can occur.

So, we have to change how we would normally do things, but you still have the opportunity to let us know your thoughts on the proposals. We have created an online voting survey to enable you to confirm you are happy with the proposals. It will only take a minute of your time to click the link in your email received and be taken to our survey form to let us know. Of course, as always, we value your input and if you have any thoughts, comments or concerns please do let us know in the space provided.

Please do take the opportunity to use our online form and we will get back to you to confirm the proposed actions as soon as we can.

The ICS Committee, 2020

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