ICS March 2021 Update

 It’s practically a year since Covid-19 turned the world upside down with a huge impact on every part of our lives. There are a few updates to let you know about…

Hotel Salobreña Suites

I wanted to share with you that the Hotel Salobreña Suites reopens it’s doors to guests on 12 March. Of course, there are significant restrictions still in place which mean that we cannot yet resume our normal International Club meetings and activities. It is still not possible to arrange meetings and social gatherings of more than four people from different households but I’m sure if individual members wished to get together independently at the hotel they would welcome the business.

We will continue to monitor the restrictions in place and as soon as we are able to safely arrange to resume meetings for the ICS will do so. Importantly, we will arrange our postponed Annual General Meeting for this year.

ICS Committee “Housekeeping”

Whilst writing, I wanted to share with you news about changes “behind the scenes” of the Club and committee. As you know, we are friendly club, many of our members have known each other years, if not decades in some cases. Sometimes, it is easy to forget that representing our large number of members we need to ensure everything we do is responsible and always in accordance with the requirements of clubs and associations in Andalucia and Spain generally. With less demand on our time in the last few months due to the suspension of activities, we have taken the opportunity to check that the day to day operation and general housekeeping of the Club complies properly the requirements of the authorities.

December 2009 was a very important time in the history of the ICS as it was formally created and registered with the Junta De Andalucia. Given a tax identification number and constitution and committee formally registered.

Obviously that was quite some time ago and since then we have seen many changes in committee and the administration of the club. With those changes it is not surprising that some processes and procedures have become lost and fallen away. Our free time has given us the opportunity to seek advice on how to ensure we are complying with our responsibilities and to create a sensible and straightforward way to pass on what is required to future committees.

Committee Changes

One essential procedure which has been omitted is to advise the Junta De Andalucia of changes to our committee. We are advised that whenever we change officers to the committee (e.g.at AGM) we are required to submit a document to the Junta advising them of any change as committee members are formal representatives of the club to members and to the wider community and authorities.

We are currently correcting this and submitting a document for our current committee. This process was of course, not known at the time of our last AGM and not a requirement on our committee members appointed at that time. I made clear to our current committee that they would not be compelled to continue if they felt they would prefer not to formally register as committee members with the Junta.

Lesley and Mila have decided that they would prefer not to continue as committee members and whilst sorry to lose them both, I quite understand and appreciate all their help in the last year, which got off to an excellent start before Covid-19. Our remaining committee joins me in thanking them for the work, input, and enthusiasm.

Our hopes turn to our next AGM, as soon as we are able we will let you know and we will have the opportunity to get together to discuss plans for the future and our next committee.

Hope to be able to see you soon!

Mark (Chair), Teresa, David, Yvonne, Sinikka, Mathilde and Giles,

The ICS Committee

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