Latest ICS Newsletter OUT NOW!

It has been a few months since our last Newsletter was published. We had a bit of a break thanks to Wave Six of Covid-19 but that’s history now and we seem to be at the height of activities so let’s take the opportunity to share what’s going on and coming up with our popular ten page periodical!

There’s an update on membership, mini clubs, trips, committee and our events calendar too. A little monologue from the Chair and even a cheeky wordsearch for you to have a go at!

We would love to hear from you if you have any feedback or suggestions so please do share any thoughts with us,

Simply click your preferred link below. The first one is fun with pages that turn like reading a real book however, the hyperlinks marked in blue underlined text don’t work in the free version of the software we use to produce the document (That would cost €200 per year! OUCH!)

The second link is regular PDF format but the links work if needed.

Front Cover

Click here to read the Newsletter in our Flipping Format (Blue underlined hyperlinks do NOT work in this version)

Click here to read the standard PDF (Blue underlined hyperlinks work in this version)

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