Booking and Paying for Trips with ICS

We are excited to share some news with you about the way we organise booking and payment for our trips.

When you next want to join us on one of our events it is now even quicker and easier to do!

We now have an ICS Shop page and shopping basket on our website!

This means that you have more control over your shopping experience with us:

You will be able to see how many seats on a trip are still available too and it will only let you book them if they are still available.

You will be able to add different classes of seats to your basket – for example if you want to book a seat for yourself as a member of the ICS but at the same time a seat for your friend who is a non member, you can simply add them to your basket and pay for them both together!

You could do the same if we are offering a different price for members or non-members with a lower price due to an age concession!

If we have more than one trip available that you would like to book seats for each at the same time, you can do that too!

What is also great about this new change is that it saves money! Our secure online payment providers charge a minimum amount for each separate transaction so if we can combine more payments we will make savings on the cost of those transactions which we can use to reduce our costs and provide more for your membership!

If you have booked with us online before, you will have seen our “Tell us who is coming” form that is always essential, so we know who your booking is for. That is still part of the checkout experience so please do make sure that you fill that in when booking. At checkout you will need to tell us who is coming before you can check out.

 You will also see that you need to tell us whether the seat you are booking is for an ICS Member (or members) or a non ICS Member. That is important so that the checkout shows you the correct price. When you have selected the one you need, you can tell us how many by changing the quantity box on the page and then “Add to Cart”. You can then go back and book any other type of seat or trip if needed and add that to your cart before checkout too!

Here is a video showing how to select options

When you proceed to check out you can make payment immediately using our secure online payments provider and remember that none of your financial data or card details are stored at all in our records. The whole process is hosted by our providers and encrypted. We will never ask you for your details.

Of course, we are always available to help you if needed. So please speak to us if needed or drop us an email. But you will see that the checkout experience is just like many others that you see online already. We also want to know how you find it and if we can make it even easier for you!

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