Which Ukulele?

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A Guide to Different Types of Ukuleles

The ukulele, with its sweet and cheerful sound, has captured the hearts of musicians worldwide. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, understanding the different types of ukuleles can help you choose the right one for your musical journey. Let’s explore the diverse world of ukuleles:

1. Soprano Ukulele

  • Size: The soprano ukulele is the smallest and most standard type. It first appeared in the 1800s.
  • Scale Length: Approximately 21 inches with twelve playable frets.
  • Sound: Classic thin-and-bright ukulele sound, perfect for jangly strumming or vocal accompaniment.
  • Uses: Ideal for kids, young adults, and travelers due to its compact dimensions and low string tension. Great for beginners.
  • Note: Adults with larger hands may find the soprano’s skinny neck and cramped frets challenging to play.

A quality soprano ukulele we recommend is the Ortega Bonfire Series:

Available on Amazon.es: Ortega Bonfire Series Soprano

2. Concert Ukulele (or Alto)

  • Size: Slightly larger than the soprano, with a scale length around 23 inches.
  • Sound: Fuller and warmer tone compared to the soprano.
  • Uses: A popular choice for beginners and intermediate players. Offers a comfortable balance between size and sound.

Another quality instrument is the Ortega Bonfire Series Concert

Want to splash out? What could you buy with a larger budget?

This is an Ibanez Concert ukulele with cutaway and electro acoustic pick up. It is the preferred instrument played by the leader of the band! (Mine is in fact in Spalted Maple but it is the equivalent instrument and an absolute delight to play and look at!). The cutaway give easier access to the frets nearer the sound hole which is great is plugged in and jamming with some backing tracks on YouTube! I also have a low G string fitted with give more flexibility when playing arpeggios and fingerpicking. It also adds a deeper tone. A budget of 250 euros gets you a lot of ukulele!

3. Tenor Ukulele

  • Size: Larger than the concert ukulele, with a scale length of approximately 26 inches.
  • Sound: Rich, resonant, and versatile. Well-suited for fingerpicking and solo performances.
  • Uses: Preferred by professional players and those seeking a deeper, more expressive sound.

4. Baritone Ukulele

  • Size: The largest of the standard ukuleles, with a scale length of about 30 inches.
  • Sound: Similar to a classical guitar. Warm, mellow, and great for chord melody playing.
  • Uses: Well-suited for guitarists transitioning to the ukulele. Also popular among jazz and blues musicians.

5. Pineapple Ukulele

  • Design: Distinctive pineapple-shaped body.
  • Sound: Similar to the soprano but with a slightly rounder tone.
  • Uses: A fun and unique choice for players who want something visually appealing.

6. Ukulele Bass (U-Bass)

  • Design: Resembles a mini bass guitar.
  • Sound: Deep, booming bass tones.
  • Uses: Perfect for adding a bassline to your ukulele ensemble.

We recommend the Kala uBass:

7. Travel Ukulele

  • Design: Compact and lightweight for portability.
  • Uses: Ideal for musicians on the go or those who want to practice wherever they are.

We recommend the Makala Waterman¨:

8. Hybrid Ukuleles

  • Design: Combine features from different types (e.g., concert body with tenor scale).
  • Uses: Offers a unique blend of characteristics.

9. Solid-Body and Electric Ukuleles

  • Design: Electric versions with built-in pickups.
  • Sound: Can be amplified for performances.
  • Uses: Great for stage performances and recording.

Remember, each ukulele type has its own charm, so consider your preferences, playing style, and budget when choosing. Whether you’re strumming on a beach or jamming in your living room, the ukulele promises delightful music and endless joy! 🌟


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