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One of our most cherished ICS activities is our fantastic quizzes which are carefully researched and compiled by our very own Giles Killick Committee Vocal.

The winners of the last quiz held on

Wednesday 27 November 2019 were…

1st Place: “Just Us” – Lesley, Brian, Teresa, Sandra

Total Score – 82 Net Score – 20.5

Who received their winning prize of –

4 x bottles of wine

An audit of the scoring resulted in changes of positions for the other quizzers. The Runners-up were:

2nd: “United Nations” – Martin, Dee, Deb

Total Score – 73 Net Score – 18.25

3rd: “The Specials” – Kate, Paul, Sharon

Total Score – 71 Net Score – 17.75

Other scores were:

4th: “Shanghied” – 70/17.5 – Sandra, Ruth, David

5th: “Plato’s Plate” – 63/15.75 – Elizabeth, Virgil, David

6th: “Twins” – 62/15.5 – Irene, Norrie

7th: (no team name) – 74/14.8 – Alison, Adrian, Sinikka, Simon, Debbie

8th: “La Anatra” – 58/14.5 – Celia, Sheila, Andy, Terry

9th: “Pobre Pensionistas” – 75/10.7 – Brenda, Martin R., Martin H.,Cheryl, Peter, Belinda & Sue. “Sexi Six” – 82/13.7, “The Bad Ones” – 46/11.5.

The next quiz will be held on Wednesday 18 December 2019 at 11:15 at Hotel Salobrena Suites.


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