ICS Quiz Page

One of our most cherished ICS activities is our fantastic quizzes which are carefully researched and compiled by our very own Giles Killick Committee Vocal.

We are delighted to be able to raise the profile of the quiz even further by introducing this new ICS Quiz Page where the winners will be published following the quiz held at Hotel Salobrena Suites during our scheduled club meeting quizzes.

The winners of the last quiz held on

WEDNESDAY 25 September 2019 were…

1st Place: “Newbies” – Maureen, Rhian, Rachel & Susi

Total Score – 90 Net Score – 22.5

Who received their winning prize prize of

4 x bottles of wine

Runners-up were:

2nd: Quizical – Total Score – 86 Net Score – 21.5

3rd: Braiman – Total Score – 84 Net Score – 21

Some of the questions were quite challenging, but it is interesting how close the first three places were.

Other scores were: “Red Spot” – 76/19.0, “United Nations” – 74/18.5, “The Blow-ins” – 52/16, “Three Nations” – 77/15.4, “The Mess” – 54/13.5, “BST” – 52/13.

The next quiz will be held on Wednesday 30 October 2019 at 11:15 at Hotel Salobrena Suites.


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