Local Cinema

We are fortunate to have access to some of the latest blockbuster movies in Salobrena, Almunecar and even further afield in Velez Malaga. Not only are the films available in Spanish language giving us an excellent opportunity to develop our Spanish language skills, but also we frequently have access to films in English language.

Diana Porter is our local contact who works hard at securing and promoting English language films in Salobrena in particular and is always grateful for our support in making the screenings she is able to arrange a success. This in turn helps secure future screenings later in the year.

Film In English Unfortunately Cancelled… For Now…

We have received the following update from Diana, who kindly coordinates the Films In English for us…

Nuria emailed me this morning to say she couldn’t put on Mary Queen of Scots for us  as she had a mass of children waiting to fill the auditorium on Sunday to see Aladdin, a Disney film.  She has already filled the auditorium showing it once and made 1300 euros.  

 I’m afraid our small number of less than 40  people doesn’t match this and, as she has to pay a lot to get a film such as Mary Queen of Scots she doesn’t  always get her outlay back.   She was very apologetic but it is run as a business and she can’t afford to lose money.   She has been very good to us and I certainly appreciate the effort she and Gustavo have made getting us excellent and modern films.   

She did say that although it would be difficult, she would try to find another day to show this film but I think its best to say finish the films now until October when more people are around.  I am sorry about this especially as I wanted to see this film but can understand why this is happening. 

So, we will see what we can get for October!  I had thought that we could charge a little more which would help make up any deficit. Let me know what you think about that. 

Enjoy the summer 

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