Quiz Rules

A Message to International Club of Salobreña Quizzers

I don’t want to take the fun out of the quiz, but I do need to ask you all to respect the “rules of the game”.

And, in this case, I am referring to two “rules”, both of which are long-standing and generally accepted by almost all quizzers.

The first concerns the use of a mobile phone (or tablet) by anyone sitting at a table which is competing in the quiz. In most cases, it is probably quite innocent and involves the making or receiving of a telephone call. But, there have been a few instances where phone consulting quizzers claimed they were just “checking the spelling”.

Sorry, but that just isn’t acceptable. If, during the quiz, you must make or receive a call, please leave the table to have your conversation. Please do not have mobile phones or tablets in your hands or on the table at any time during the quiz.

The other “rule” concerns the designated team size, which has always been and still is – four people. However, some “teams” have swollen to 8 or 10 people, which makes it thoroughly unfair to those competitors who limit their team size to the regulation four.

When questioned about the size of their team, the common response is – “Oh, most of them aren’t doing the quiz – they are just listening-in”.

Well… (even if it were true). The point is – the ICS Quiz is supposed to be a “competition”, albeit one that is interesting, challenging, informative and fun to do. But, it is still a competition – that’s why there are prizes for the winning team members.

So, in an attempt to “level the playing field” – any table attempting the quiz, with more than four people at or around that table, will have their team score reduced by one point for each person in excess of four.

Some of you may think that I am being officious and petty – I’m not. I put a lot of work into the quiz, each month and I try to make it as entertaining as possible, but also challenging. And, because most people who enjoy the challenge of a quiz, those same people have a reasonable expectation that if it is a competition (which it obviously is), then there should be rules that ensure “fairness”.

And, for those of you who have tables of three or fewer, don’t even think of asking for a credit of one point per person. If you win, your reward shall be fewer people sharing the four bottles of LIDL’s Best that are generously awarded at the end of each brain-taxing challenge.

Happy quizzing, Giles Killick, Vocal, International Club of Salobrena

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