ICS Membership Renewal 2024

Our Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 24 January 2024 at Hotel Salobreña Suites at 11am in the Velilla Room.

During the meeting we will, as is our custom, agree the annual membership fee for the year ahead.

Once that has been agreed we are then able to invite our members to renew their membership for 2024.

As we have done in previous years recently, we will send every member an email inviting them to renew their membership until December 31 2024.

Your email will be personalised with your own personal details and it is our annual opportunity to check that the details that we hold are correct and you agree for us to continue to maintain them.

You will see your name, email address and contact telephone number.

Please do take the time to check these details are correct.

Also in the email will be a button that when you click it, will take you to our online assistant who will capture your renewal details.

You will be prompted to confirm your details. For the first time you can also confirm the details of your partner or spouse at the same time on the one form!

If your details are incorrect, you will be asked to confirm the correct details for our records.

You will then be asked to confirm that you are happy for us to continue to maintain your personal data.

Finally you will be asked whether you would like to renew your membership for 2024 AND subsequent years automatically using our new Recurring Payments option. The choice is yours. For more information about the benefits of Recurring Payments Click Here.

When you have chose whether you would like a recurring payment or not, your next screen will be the one to pay us by STRIPE, our secure online payments provider.

Although you will receive a receipt from STRIPE immediately, please allow a couple of days for your Membership Renewal confirmation email to be sent to confirm everything has been completed.

Finally we would mention that it is still of course possible to pay in person at one of our Wednesday meetings should your prefer, but please bear in mind this is slower and less convenient.

If you have any queries regarding any of this process, please do let us know.

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