ICS Ukulele Strumblies

The Home Page for the Ukulele Strumblies!


We started in January 2020 and despite the traumas of Covid-19 we grew and grew!

We are all members of the International Club of Salobreña.

We meet every Monday afternoon at Bar Amigos, Avenida Federico Garcia Lorca in Salobreña opposite Libros 1616 Book shop and practice for around 90 minutes.

We have players who have played for years now and regularly welcome newbies with no experience at all.

We play all sizes of ukulele! Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone.

We even have a bass ukulele from time to time!

We don’t play guitars or Banjolele as the sound is just too large for our group and location. There is a group for guitars also in the International Club if that is your thing!

We welcome singers! If singing is more your interest and skill then you are also welcome! We have a small but dedicated singing section and everyone is welcome to come along and join in!

We welcome an audience! Our practice sessions are PRACTICE SESSIONS and often sound like it! But we love it when people drop in for a drink and a listen. Everyone is welcome whether members of the ICS or not.

We have a small collection of ukuleles that you can try to see how you get on. If you are a member of the International Club you are welcome to take it away on loan for a practice for a week too!

We like to showcase the songs we learn with a guest appearance for suitable occasions like St Patrick’s Day, San Juan, Romeria and Christmas!

We have our own Tee Shirt and Mug!

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