We know that our members are pretty amazing individuals! They have often had the opportunity to develop skills and interests in a wide variety of abilities and past times throughout their lives. Also, we know that many members would like to develop an interest or hobby which maybe, they haven’t had time to get round to trying!

It seems common sense for the International Club to help facilitate both of these wishes. Consequently we are looking to see what we can do to make it happen.

We are looking at the possibility of creating “Mini Clubs”. These would be interest specific. For example, say, a photography club to encourage members to develop and practice photography skills. Or maybe, yoga group to help unwind and focus on well-being. Or, a watercolour painting group, a bridge club, whist drive, knit and natter group. The list is practically endless!

Obviously there are some things to think about before a mini club can begin:

Do we have someone with enthusiasm and knowledge to share the interest with other members?They don’t have to have qualifications or experience (although they would obviously help!) rather, the ability to help grow and share skills in their interest with others.

Is there sufficient interest to make a Mini Club for that interest or skill?Here’s where the ICS could help identify potential Mini Club members and help facilitate contact.

What resources would be required to facilitate the Mini Club? Where would it meet? What equipment would be required? 

The important thing would be that the “Mini Club” should be ‘not for profit’. It should also be self sufficient.

Any equipment or materials required would need to be sourced by the members of the Mini Club themselves.

We are fortunate to have members on the ICS Committee and our Membership, with experience and contacts in and around our local area and there will be help and support in ensuring your Mini Club’s success.

So, where do we start?

Well first we need to find out if there’s interest in both sides of a Mini Club!

Do you have an interest or skill you would like to revisit or share with other members of the ICS?

Would you consider hosting or facilitating a Mini Club?

Alternatively, have you always wanted to take up, revisit, or try an interest or past time that until now you haven’t had the time of opportunity to do so?

If the answer is yes to either of these questions and you could spare some time regularly to take part in a Mini Club then don’t be shy! Let’s see what we can do to help realise some of these interests and goals!

CLICK HERE to open our ICS Mini Club form to tell us about any activity you would like to host or to participate in.

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