ICS Online Payments System

You may have noticed many of the changes taking place on our website.

We now have more functionality and use this to make your experience with the International Club much easier and convenient.

We are excited to announce that we have now introduced the ability to accept payments from our membership online via our website using a secure and convenient online payments service, STRIPE.

Anybody interested in joining the ICS will be able to complete their membership application online and pay their joining fee using their VISA or MASTERCARD on our secure payments system.

In January, when annual membership renewals are due, members can us the online payments system to pay their membership renewal, quickly, securely and conveniently.

When we advertise trips and events to members there will be the option to book a place online and then make payment to the club online too!

Naturally we are using an industry recognized secure payments system and have the vital SSL certificate which assures anyone using the payments system that it is safe and secure. You will see the green padlock and HTTPS in your web browser to reassure you that it is completely secure and encrypted transaction.

Not only will the online payments system make it much easier, secure and convenient for you to make payments to the ICS, but if a refund is necessary on a payment made by VISA or MASTERCARD using the system, we can quickly and easily make any refund to you too.

Of course, we can still accept payments in cash for membership and trips, but we hope that the ability to make secure payments online will greatly improve your experience with the club.

We have created an online presentation which summarises the online payments system and how it can help both our members and the club…

Please let us know what you think of the online payments system and whether you have any queries or concerns. Click here to complete our feedback form.

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