Introducing ICS Online Booking System

The trips and events that the International Club organise are amongst the top-ranking benefits of club membership.

We have great interest in our trips and events. At present many of our members are able to book their places for them in person at one of our weekly meetings at the Hotel Salobreña Suites, paying cash. However, it’s clear that many members would enjoy the flexibility to book places online and then pay online. This is particularly useful when they’re not able to attend in person for some time of the year.

Our new website offers the ability and opportunity to book and pay online to make your experience with the ICS as secure, simple and convenient as possible. We have introduced a booking page where you have a one-stop-shop to see which trips are planned and taking bookings. You can also see what information we need from you to be able to complete your booking.

You will see a short online form to enable you to give us the information we need. It’s a completely user-friendly form, completely secure and information held in accordance with the club’s GDPR  data protection rules.

Typically, we need full name, email address, mobile number if available, which trip is required, confirmation of membership.

We can also capture useful information like dietary requirements, preferred pick up location, accommodation requirements, depending on the type of trip and options available.

To make sure everything is as accurate as possible, it’s important that a form is completed for each person booking a place on a trip or event.

There are three stages to trip booking:

  1. Booking Form Submission – You complete the simple, secure online form. When submitted you receive an email confirming your booking has been sent to the committee member looking after that trip/event.
  2. Availability Check – The committee member looking after that trip/event check that space is available and that they can comply with your booking requirements. They then send you an email confirming your reservation pending payment. You will be given details of how and when to pay.
  3. Booking Payment – You then simply make payment for the booking either in cash or using our secure online payments system. Once we have confirmed that we have received your payment your booking is confirmed and all you need to do is sit back and look forward to a great trip or event!

IMPORTANT – Your booking is only finalised when we have confirmed space available and booking payment has been received and acknowledged by the organizing Committee member.

We have created a presentation to help you find out more about the new online booking system…

As always, your feedback is so important to us. We would love to know how you find the new online booking form. Is it helpful? Could it be better? Click here to complete our short online feedback form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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