Must-Have Ukulele Accessories

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What might you need?

Playing the ukulele is a delightful experience, whether you’re strumming by the beach or jamming in your cozy living room. To enhance your playing and keep your uke in top shape, consider these essential accessories:

**1. Tuner

A reliable tuner is your best friend. Keep your ukulele in tune with a clip-on or digital tuner. It ensures your chords sound sweet and harmonious.

**2. Ukulele Case or Gig Bag

Protect your precious instrument! A padded gig bag or hardshell case shields your ukulele from bumps, scratches, and temperature changes. Plus, it makes carrying your uke a breeze.

Gewa Gig Bag – Soprano

Gew Gig Bag – Concert

Gewa Cross Gig Bag – Tenor

**3. Extra Strings

Strings break, especially during enthusiastic strumming sessions. Always have a spare set of strings on hand. Choose the right gauge (soprano, concert, or tenor) for your ukulele.

**4. Capo

A capo allows you to change the key without altering your chord shapes. It’s handy for playing along with songs in different keys.

**5. Strap

Want to stand and play? A ukulele strap keeps your hands free while maintaining a comfortable playing position. Look for adjustable straps with leather ends.

**6. Cleaning Cloth

Keep your ukulele looking pristine! A soft microfiber cloth removes dust, fingerprints, and smudges from the body and strings.

**7. Humidifier

Ukuleles are sensitive to humidity. A soundhole humidifier prevents your uke from drying out, especially in dry climates or during winter.

**8. Finger Picks

For fingerpicking enthusiasts, finger picks provide better control and volume. Experiment with different materials (plastic, metal, or felt) to find your favorite.

**9. Ukulele Stand

Display your uke proudly! A sturdy stand keeps it accessible and prevents accidental falls. Choose from floor stands or wall hangers.

**10. Music Stand

When practicing or performing, a music stand holds your sheet music or tablet. It keeps your hands free to focus on playing.

**11. Ukulele Strap Buttons

If your uke doesn’t have strap buttons, consider adding them. They allow you to attach a strap securely.

**12. Picks

While not essential for all ukulele players, picks can add a different texture to your sound. Try felt or nylon picks for a softer attack.

**13. Clip-On Pick Holder

Never lose your picks again! Attach a pick holder to your ukulele headstock for easy access during gigs or practice sessions.

**14. Ukulele Humidistat

For serious uke enthusiasts, a humidistat monitors humidity levels inside your case. It ensures your uke stays in its optimal environment.

Remember, these accessories enhance your playing experience and help maintain your ukulele’s longevity. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, investing in quality accessories is a harmonious choice! 🎶


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**15. Rechargeable Music Stand Light

We sometimes play in low light conditions or even the dark!

Gritin Reading Light

**16. Kazoo

One of the highlights of playing ukulele is when we get our kazoos out!

You will only understand this when you see and hear it!

**17. Tablet

You don’t need a tablet to play ukulele but many people choose to use one. To have your music collection at your fingertips digitally is the most convenient way and very easy to swipe to turn a page if needed. Quick to search and find any song or download any that you haven’t got.

**18. Positive Grid Spark Mini Amp and Effects

This is an extraordinary piece of kit if you have a pick up fitted to your uke or guitar! It amplifies, provides access to loads of cool effects, enables you to connect to music. And playalong or download YouTube videos and show you the chords to play along with!

**19. Ukulele Lego

**20. Baritone Strings

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